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Financial commitments, items, products, Goods, Food stuffs, Vehicles, Machinery and Many more

Financial Donations to our Bank Account
Financial Donations (Paypal)
You are welcome to visit our "Donations" Page for more easy donations methods: Donations Page
Donations with Bank Checks, by western Union, Money orders and Postal orders: Should be addressed to; Bible4health Missions -- (see delivery address below)
Delivery Address:   Bible4health Missions, 86 Kingsway, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S81 0AG, United Kingdom.
Financial Donation/Support   Click Here
  1. Donate straight to our Bank Account
  2. Mail a Check or Money Order or Postal Order in British Pound or US Dollars or Euros
  3. Or by Credit Card or Debt Card (ask for bank details or on paypal payment site which can be emailed to you)
  4. Money Transfer 
  5. By paypal
Please note: If you want to give money do not send cash through the post or through a anybody, request for our banking detail, we require you to deposit the money direct to our account 
Here are the details
  1. To donate or Give by Mail, Postal orders, Money orders or Bank Checks; Mail a Check or Money Order (in British Pound or Euros or US Dollars please) to our United Kingdom PO box. We will send you a receipt. Our United Kingdom delivery address is: Bible4Health Missions, 86 Kingsway, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S81 0AG, UK, Note: All payments must be made in the name of Bible4Health Missions 
  2. To make a payment or a donate or Give Money  using Credit Card, Debt Card, Visa,  MasterCard, American Express, Bank Account   or you can donate by phone with your card details or by direct debit to Bible4Health Missions    Click Here
  3. To Donate or Give by Cash Transfer using Western Union or any digital Money transfer system. Send it to Bible4Health Missions (Worksop, UK) or You can send to Bible4health Missions with the Name of the Director (Mr. Paul Mambwe) for security and identification reason in case of an enquiry over your giving or donation, but indicate on the transfer form that the money is a donation or a Gift  
  4. PayPal: When you want to make a donation or give through paypal use this email address:, With our paypal account you can also make a donation using the bank cards shown listed here: (Credit Cards, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, American Express, Solo, Direct debit cards)  Click Here
If you do not have a paypal Account online then write or phone us, telling us your email address and will send an email to you, with the following instructions in order for you to donate by paypal
--"To view the details of this Money Request or to pay with PayPal, just click on the following link or copy and paste it into your web browser":
Click on the link and you will be directed to Bible4Health Missions Paypal Account payment site where you can choose two donation options:
1. Pay by Paypal
2. Pay by Credit Card or Debt Card (Visa or MasterCard) when you use this paypal donation site you do not need our Bank details
This account accepts donations from mailing addresses in all most countries of the world. Donations or giving are to be specified in British Pound. The charge card company will automatically translate this into your native currency on your bill. 

Thank you for your contribution!!! May God bless you.

 Items, Products, Vehicles, Food and many more you can give 

  1. Send us an email or fax detailing what you want to give and where you are located and we shall come and collect
  2. If you can manage to post or deliver, just post or courier, or deliver your gift to either to our delivery address: Bible4Health Missions 86 Kingsway Worksop Nottinghamshire S81 0AG.UK or to our Office Address: Bible4health Missions, Old Drill hall, Shaw Street Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 1SJ, United kingdom. or Email: (Please Note: No deliveries should be make on Saturdays, the office is closed and no body is available to  receive  the delivery)
  3. If you are giving towards a particular project or program you can write direct to that particular project or program detailing what you are giving or you can deliver your gift to project or program director who will then inform the head office
Please note: If you want to give money do not send cash, request for our banking detail, we require you to deposit the money direct to our account 

Bible4Health missions 
Bible4Health Missions is self-supporting and receives no large-scale or corporate funding. It is structured on a community sharing and giving basis through a range of Key Hands network members, volunteers associates and partners. Our services are not linked to any church or NGOs in Britain and worldwide.
Therefore we do solicit or ask for financial and items, food, goods, equipment and many more donations, but we accept funds or goods that are given to us willingly and because you are happy with our services and our work which we are involved in. 
We do ask individuals and organizations to give to Bible4Healthmission such items and materials listed in the table below, to be used for projects, programs and offices of Bible4Health Missions.
Please Note: This list below may change at any time as need arise or as projects are completed or started.

 Office Equipment and Furniture

Share a Gift

Video and Audio Recording Equipment

For the Needy

Office equipment and Furniture
Photocopying machine
Type writers 
Plain photocopying paper
Printer (laser & Inkjet)
Arch folders
Office tables
Office chairs
Paper shredders
Paper cutters Note: These must be either good used or new and complete

 Packets of Sweets
Packets of Chocolates
Packets of Crisps
Biscuits, Pressing Iron
Wrist watches & Jewelry & Trophies
TV Screens, Computers
Cell phones, Cameras
Set of towels
Set of Kitchen Utensils
Set of Bedroom linen
Fridges, Cookers
Bags of rice
Gift vouchers, Gift cards
Toys, Video games
And many more

 Video recorders
CD writers
TV Screens
CD Players
Audio recording equipment
Video recording equipment
Video Cameras
PA systems

Toilet Tissues
Bathing Soaps
Food Stuff
Kitchen Equipment
and many more
Field Work EquipmentFor the aged and the Sick  

 Health Projects   
Food Stuff 
 Transportation Generators
Video Projectors
Digital Projector
Slide Projectors
Cameras & Video Cameras
Video Tapes
Power converters
3core cables Vehicles
Motorcycles Lapels
 Wheel chairs
Walking sticks
Toiletries (Such as Bathing soap, washing soap, Tooth paste and brush and many  more) 
Warm clothing
 Health Books 
Health Videos
Health CD-ROMs
Indoor home Gym Equipment 
 Dried grains, Rice, Wheat, Groundnuts, Seeds, cereals, Maize Meal, Sugar, Salt, sweets
Cooking oil and many more

Please Note: All tinned foods, biscuits, chocolates, must have a minimum of 2 years expire date from the date you are Giving.
Not liquids except  for cooking oils, No Fish or meat, 
Kids & Children’s Talk shows
 Indoor Sports Games
Children games
Kids Play ground equipment
Excise Books
Ball pens
Play Stations Power
Microphone systems
Hand held Radio microphones
PA System
Video recording Studio equipment
HD Video Cameras
Badminton Sets
Darts sets
Lawn Tennis sets
and many more
Pool Tables
Table Tennis Tables
Snooker Tables
Chess Boards
Video games
and many more